this could happen to ? you
This Could Happen To ? You
Short Film

Role: Sound Mixer & Sound Designer

Director: Ivana Rados

A hyperbole on mental health and the near impossibility of getting diagnosed and treated in the current medical care system, riddled by cuts and setbacks. TCHTY is the story of one person’s determination to get himself sectioned.


Short Film

Role: Sound Recordist & Boom Operator

Director: Trish M. Chanda

Sabina, a British-Asian schoolgirl, falls pregnant and is keeping the baby. Disowned by her family, abandoned by her boyfriend, and becoming an outcast in her community. Will she be able to rekindle her close relationship with her mother?


Short Film

Role: Sound Recordist & Boom Operator

Director: Jessie Stewart

Sal meets Eric in a hotel room and then impromptu, Joe, her other choice of partner shows up. Her options and reactions are pressurised by her present situation and the contrasting personalities of the two men. Sal has a self-protective sense of guilt and dilemma to unravel. Things are not what they appear to be!