Hannah sound mixer
Short Film

Role: Sound Mixer

Director: Andrew Sanyaolu

Hannah is the wife of a wealthy banker that is missing and assumed dead along with their neighbor. Detective Brown, who is convinced Hannah is guilty of the murders, interviews Hannah about the suspicious circumstances. The truth is more complex than it seems.


criminal audition boom operator
Criminal Audition
Feature Film

Role: Boom Operator

Director: Samuel Gridley

An ex-lawyer and his team run an underworld service, providing fake criminals to take on other people’s crimes. But a new dangerous client turns their world upside down as they face lies, deceit and murder over the course of one night.


omelettes with spinach sound recordist
Omelettes with Spinach
Short Film

Role: Sound Mixer

Director: Oliver J. Hunt

The morning after a class reunion, two hungover colleagues reconnect over breakfast but unspoken tensions of loss and desire adorn the air between them, driving them further apart.



The Collectors sound mixer
The Collectors
Short Documentary

Role: Sound Recordist, Sound Designer & Producer

Director: Marcin Bilski

The passion of father and son Jacek and Filip Kobiela leads to the founding of the butterfly museum in Bochnia, Poland. Arthropoda Museum houses over five thousand specimen making it the biggest permanent exhibition of butterflies in Poland.


Journeyman sound recordist
Short Film

Role: Sound Mixer, Sound Designer

Director: Robert Jenkins

A charismatic journeyman boxer celebrates retirement following his 100th fight. Struggling for purpose and without an opponent to purge his demons, he faces himself for the first time.


Short affair sound designer
Short Affair
Short Film

Role: Sound Designer

Director: Martin Smith

A chance encounter leads to a passionate love affair with a surprising twist and quick resolution.


Fishermans daughter sound designer
Fisherman’s Daughter
Short Film

Role: Sound Designer

Director: Varvara Galanova

Fisherman’s Daughter is a film about the tentative relationship of a lonely 15 year old girl and an ‘Amphibious’, a captured sea creature being trained to steal precious stones and emeralds by the Fisherman.


dry fish sound recordist
Dry Fish
Short Film

Role: Sound Recordist & Boom Operator

Director: Latheleene Bosé

A New York writer born of Nigerian parentage living in London deals with the complexities of a bi-cultural identity.


this could happen to ? you
This Could Happen To ? You
Short Film

Role: Sound Mixer & Sound Designer

Director: Ivana Rados

A hyperbole on mental health and the near impossibility of getting diagnosed and treated in the current medical care system, riddled by cuts and setbacks. TCHTY is the story of one person’s determination to get himself sectioned.


Short Film

Role: Sound Recordist & Boom Operator

Director: Trish M. Chanda

Sabina, a British-Asian schoolgirl, falls pregnant and is keeping the baby. Disowned by her family, abandoned by her boyfriend, and becoming an outcast in her community. Will she be able to rekindle her close relationship with her mother?


Crumpled Butterfly Fluttering Between 6:30 And 6:31
Crumpled Butterfly Fluttering Between 6:30 And 6:31
Short Film

Role: Sound Recordist & Boom Operator

Director: Shane James Bordas

On the eve of his death, world renowned popular artist Andy prays for an extended minute of life in order to reconnect with friends and avoid dying alone in a hospital. Enlisting the help of his eccentric contemporary Jack, an influential but down-at-heel filmmaker, they embark on a journey to gather all their significant others for one final meal in order to give Andy a suitably glamorous send off.


Short Film

Role: Sound Recordist & Boom Operator

Director: Jessie Stewart

Sal meets Eric in a hotel room and then impromptu, Joe, her other choice of partner shows up. Her options and reactions are pressurised by her present situation and the contrasting personalities of the two men. Sal has a self-protective sense of guilt and dilemma to unravel. Things are not what they appear to be!